New Book Out — Our Fatima of Liverpool — Listen to the first chapter…

Yahya Birt
Jan 19, 2023
Front cover of “Our Fatima of Liverpool”, published by Beacon Books in 2023.

My new biography of Fatima Elizabeth Cates (1865–1900), the cofounder of England’s first mosque community, coauthored with Maulana Hamid Mahmood, is now out. It can be puchased online in paperback, hardback and ebook formats. I hope you will enjoy it. To get a flavour of the book, here is a reading of the first chapter, which sets the scene. This is about when Fatima, then known as Frances, first heard Abdullah Quilliam in June 1887 at the Birkenhead Workingmen’s Temperance Association lecture on Islam. The chapter is called “A Fateful Meeting in Birkenhead”.

The book can be purchased from:

Beacon Books (please support small publishers by ordering from them directly)

Amazon UK