My forthcoming poetry collection: Pandemic Pilgrimage

Yahya Birt
2 min readFeb 15, 2022
Front and Back Covers for Pandemic Pilgrimage

I wrote this collection of 25 poems during December 2021 and January 2022 while visiting God’s Beloved in Medina and performing the voluntary, lesser pilgrimage (or Umrah) with my family as part of a tour group. We did so under the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which had its own practical and spiritual consequences.

The 25 poems vary in style, content and tone and are titled as follows: A Door Opens; Masks and Niqabs; The Arrogant Englishman; The Sayyid Said; The Way of the Father; Swallow by the Green Dome; The Honour of the Ummah; All Lights are One Light; To Makkah By High Speed Train; Circling Infinity; What We Impart; Covid Silver Linings; Ode to a Flip-Flop; It is Ours; A Mum’s Worry; My Covid Umrah; Two Mountains of Makkah; The Lady of Jannat al-Mu’alla; Brimless Bowler Hats; The Mecca Clock Tower Does Not Exist; Do Your Duty; Idolatry Ends With You; Deflation at Jeddah Airport; Home Again But…; Hypocrisy and Family.

It should be released on 1st March, God willing, in print, PDF, EPub and Mobi formats. Here are some kind words from respected colleagues about the poems.