Asmay’s Islam in Victorian Liverpool

Yahya Birt summarizes Ed Husain’s latest diatribe on British Muslims, so that you don’t go through the rigmarole of reading it yourself.

Ed Husain’s Among the Mosques

The Big Picture: Daily Deaths from COVID-19 in the UK are now matching those of Italy’s at the same respective stage in the spread of the infection in each country (Day 0=5 fatalities or less).

Ghamkol Sharif in Birmingham is one of the few leading British mosques to have closed its doors in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic as of 18 March 2020.

Malcolm X addressing students at the University of Manchester, 4 December 1964. Sat behind him from left to right are Hoossain Rajah, FOSIS Treasurer, Salim al-Hassani and Ebrahimsa Mohamed, FOSIS General Secretary.

Yahya Birt

Community historian of British Muslim life

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